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I-Love-Cats is the place to discuss my cat has gone funny. my cat is 12 and today has gone all funny doesnt seem to be able to.Why does your cat do what they do and why are Ragdolls the way the are.

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Get advice on cat training and cat behavior problems from a cat behavorist.

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Strange Cat Food Behaviours Explained. Felines happily satisfy themselves and their enjoyment of cat food can top the list of funny cat moments.

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Keep the peace between you and your feline friend with these solutions to common cat problems.If you have a cat, then you already know they are mysterious creatures.

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Cats do not give many body language cues, which means you must be alert.Generally speaking, these funny behaviors are just cats being cats.

There are so many strange and annoying behaviors cats do consistently that make absolutely no sense to the human mind.

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Jackson Galaxy, of Animal Planet's cat behavior docu-series "My Cat from Hell," gives us the answer.

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When playing, my cat will often roll on one side and show me its tummy.

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10 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained | Doovi

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Something for every type of cat lover on your list. Cat Behavior: The Predatory and Social Behavior of Domestic and Wild Cats.Find the top ten weird cat behaviors explained scroll up to read.

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Strange Cat Behaviors Explained. Most cat owners find these videos funny because.

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